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This form is for Ohio teachers and librarians representing a single student or group of students to use in submitting their class/group votes for the 2023 Buckeye Children’s and Teen Book Awards.

Enter the number of individual student votes for each book for which you are submitting votes. (Example, if your class size is 30 and the whole class voted for a book, please enter 30, not 1.) Please provide your contact information so that we may verify submissions if necessary. All information remains confidential.

The categories are: K-2, grades 3-5, grades 6-8, and teen. You may enter votes in any or all categories.

2023 Buckeye Children’s & Teen Book Awards for Teachers and Librarians

Your students made the nominations and now it’s time for them to vote! Voting takes place September 1 to November 10.

  • GRADE K-2

  • GRADES 3-5

  • GRADES 6-8

  • TEEN

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